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“Muddy Waters Makes It Easy To Catch Fish (渾水摸魚)”

It’s an old Chinese proverb.
We aim to shed light on quantum technologies, an opaque and complex industry.

In quantum tech, effective origination requires a deep dive.

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Deal origination for private equity, investment banks and VC

As we help to open a new investment landscape, we deliver and use an elevated situational awareness on potential proprietary deals and quantum tech potential. We leverage a customized framework for high quality origination providing also “technology due diligence” and reference valuation.

Our Approach

Establish a route

We have defined a set of investment thesis on quantum tech, that can be tailored according to our Clients investment mandates and works as a jump start. Those thesis are built over quantum computing, sensing and security. As there are many underlying qubit technologies, some might overlap.

Valuing people and tech

Understanding management teams is as important as the comprehension of the underlying techs and the quantum value chain. We take a holistic approach in order to deliver insight to the deals we bring to Clients. We measure the potential value of the target firm as a reference.

Performance factors

Client and market focus, clarity, knowledge of the value chain, highly qualified network of experts in several quantum techs, open source intelligence methods and full commitment expressed by our private portfolio of traded companies.

Let’s work together on your next deep tech investment project

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