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Advising Is Clarifying Complexity

We shed light over quantum tech, an opaque and complex industry.

As we deeply understand the “founders” mindset, we can help create options for the negotiation process.

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Advisory services

We deliver advisory services to our peers, investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms, that look for deal opportunities on quantum and semiconductor technologies as well as on their respective value chains.

Our Approach

Due diligence

This stage of the deal is a sensitive one, so communication and focus are key to success. We help on the commercial due diligence procedures, focused on market, technology and people appraisal. Our network of experts will identify risks both at the tech and market levels. We take in account the dual use of this tech in order to keep regulatory risks at bay.


We focus on quantum capabilities, tech maturity and potential, competitive advantages, market size and adoption, competitive advantages, intellectual property, team expertise among others. From there we derive a reference value for the firm using a weighted measure of “First Chicago Method” and the “Modified DCF”. Other classical approaches will be used, depending on historical and comparable data.


Understanding the incumbent management mindset is critical for fruitful negotiations. As an insider or an external independent advisor we can help by creating solutions for the different stages of the negotiation process.

Let’s work together on your next deep tech investment project

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