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Enabling Quantum Tech Investment By Clarifying Complexity

We help investors to explore and capture admiral profits by shedding light in a high growth, although opaque and complex industry

Admiral profits opportunities lie hidden in firms where it is really hard to understand their value drivers.

As they need early growth capital, their own success and inherent complexity, keeps investors at large.

What We Offer

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Deal Origination

As we help to open a new investment landscape, we deliver and use an elevated situational awareness on potential proprietary deals and quantum tech potential. We leverage a customized framework for high quality origination providing also “technology due diligence” and reference valuation.

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Advisory Services

We deliver advisory services to our peers, investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms, that look for deal opportunities on quantum and semiconductor technologies as well as on their respective value chains.

The Context

Profiting from the quantum complexity conundrum

Moore´s Law

Keeping Moore law in place is vital for global economic growth, and we are on the limits of the semiconductor computing. Quantum technologies are the path forward on harnessing processing power supply and his dominance is a matter of global geo-strategic concern.

The Works

This emerging technology leverage quantum mechanics phenomenon like superposition (the Schrödinger’s cat paradox) and entanglement. In the next 5 to 7 years will deliver unimaginable computing power, allowing to solve previously intractable problems on optimization, simulation, security and sensing.

The Value

This technology arena can be traced to the 1990´s and according to McKinsey it draw a total 2,35 billion USD investment just in 2022, mainly from the USA, EU and the UK. The main beneficiary industries of this technology are: Financials, biotech, AI model training, logistics, high performance materials and the public sector.

Our Value Proposition

Envisioning value

By helping to deal with complexity and technology risks, we can help you to open a new investment landscape, that is meant to be profitable if carefully chosen. Clarifying complexity will unlock proprietary equity deals and so, unusual value for stakeholders.


We generate, assess and value proprietary deals in quantum technologies firms, mainly by researching managing and exploring technical risks always aiming for admiral profits. We also advise on valuation and commercial due diligence.

Performance factors

Laser focus on quantum tech, client tailored execution and delivery processes, strong knowledge base, a global network of industry experts and competitive intelligence methodologies.

We execute a proprietary investment thesis on deep tech, with our portfolio outperforming the Nasdaq by several degrees of magnitude.

We put our money in our rationale.

Let’s work together on your next deep tech investment project

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